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MOQI is the game phone brand of Hangzhou Ruigao intelligent equipment co., LTD., which belongs to SNAIL DIGITAL (Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) . Since its founding in 2010, MOQI has launched a number of handheld devices aimed at professional gamers. The all-in-one design of smartphone and game controller and the detachable long battery life and large capacity make mochi unique in the industry.MOQI has always been adhering to the user-centered product design and service concept, and the original controller is the core appeal of the competition.MOQI has been working intensively, constantly polishing products, and striving to create more interesting game equipment for players.

Hangzhou Ruigao intelligent equipment co., ltd. always adheres to the core values of integrity, innovation, responsibility and cooperation, and is committed to continuously providing users with higher quality products and services. Has successfully passed ISO9000 certification, and in the software and hardware has a considerable number of patent applications. Focus on continuous innovation, provide game hardware such as game phone, game console and smart wearable for heavy game players; By virtue of the abundant game resources and operational advantages of the parent company snail digital, an ecological chain dominated by gamepad games is constructed. Provide end-to-end game operation solutions for operators. A user-oriented enterprise focusing on the accumulation of core capabilities is thriving and striving to become the favorite technology company of users.

Integrity is rooted in the corporate culture of ruigao, which is also the core requirement of ruigao talents. At work, integrity, honesty, dare to say, can help enterprises progress, less detour. Integrity is the insect repellent of enterprises, which can prevent enterprises from breeding moths and invading enterprise assets.
Innovation spirit flows in the blood of ruigao enterprise, which is the fundamental development of ruigao enterprise. By challenging ourselves and constantly innovating, ruigao has grown from a start-up team to a well-known developer and manufacturer of mobile games and game equipment that can stand on the world stage today.
Responsibility is the plaque of the enterprise. Only when employees are responsible for their work can they have perfect products. Production quality is responsible for the product, there will be more and more buyers; Customer service is responsible for the customer, will have a complete purchase experience; It's all about responsibility.
Adhering to the spirit of cooperation, more people will be powerful, no matter which product is the collection of ruigao team from all the efforts. We are eager for talents and experts from all aspects, no matter they join ruigao enterprise family, or the technical exchange at the company level, they are inseparable from the cooperation between people. Only through cooperation can the impossible be turned into the possible.